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The annual competition for young photographers

Meet the winners: bios

Matan Ashkenazy completed his BFA at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalam, Israel in 2011. He is currently a candidate in the MA Photography course at the Royal College of Art in London. Throughout his time at the Academy, Ashkenazy worked alongside many Israeli and international artists, including Jeff Wall and Nick Waplington, on different projects, and this collaboration inspired his own artistic practice. Following his undergraduate studies, he expanded his body of work and began to consider the political use of the landscape and architecture as a controlled and policed environment.

Ashkenazy has participated in a variety of different exhibitions and projects in Israel, including his first solo exhibition. He is the recipient of an award for excellence in photography, and he has received several scholarships that allowed him to move forward and begin study in the MA programme at the Royal College of Art.

Oliver Eglin is a 26-year-old British photographer currently living and working in London. Raised in Staffordshire, he developed an early interest in both literature and film that has subsequently informed his narrative and visual style. His work ahs been exhibited at Tate Liverpool, Foto8, and Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh. In 2010, he graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Photography, having also spent time on exchange at The School of Visual Arts in New York during 2009. Following his academic studies, Oliver moved to Berlin where he spent the next three years developing his photographic study of the city. His work has been published since in Dazed & Confused, Hotshoe International, and Pop. Kultur & Kritik.

Daewoong Kim was born in 1984 in South Korea. He is a graduate of the Seoul Institute of the Arts and the London College of Communication, and he is currently enrolled in the MA Photography programme at the Royal College of Art. His main interests are in portraiture and still life. His current work explores the idea of alienation in contemporary society as individuals become detached from their selves, physically separated from others, and increasingly moderated by technology and machines. This sense of an overwhelming detachment from the world is perhaps most evident within the metropolis in which the anonymity of the individual within the social structure is at its most extreme. Kim is interested in his experiences as a foreigner in London, reflected within the people around him.

Ruidi Mu is a Chinese artist who lives and works in London. She was born in 1989 in Dandong City. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts. She currently is enrolled in the postgraduate programme in Photography at the Royal College of Art. Her work incorporates painting, performance, and video and focuses on themes such as identity and politics.

Sofia Valiente is a recent fine art graduate from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. When Sofia was thirteen, her mother sent her to a reformatory boarding school in upstate New York. The experience of being isolated at a young age spurred an introspection that has remained with her and that she continually seeks to understand through her photographic process. She is currently pursuing a residency at the Photography Department of Fabrica in Treviso, Italy, where she is developing her current project Miracle Village.




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